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Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd.--BAOCHENG Brand Relay
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Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd.--BAOCHENG Brand Relay
P.O.BOX 52, BAOJI Shaanxi 721300 China
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Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd.--BAOCHENG Brand Relay

Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd.--BAOCHENG Brand Relay

Welcome to Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing relays. QUNLI offers 200 kinds of BAOCHENG brand relays with thousands of specifications,including hermetically sealed, Callaway Golf,electromagnetic,magnetic latching,general purpose,reed, polarized,RF coaxial,and solid state relays which are widely applied in the fields of aerospace,aviation, communication,post & telecommunication,autocontral,remot e-control and household appliance,as well as various relays for electric power system and a series of protection units for transmission & transformation line.QUNLI is approved by ISO9001-2000,quite a few of BAOCHENG brand relays acquire UL,CUL,TUV,CSA and CQC recognitions.

1.Chairman of China Electronic Component Industrial association Control Relay Branch.

2.Director of Relay Professional Society of China Electronic Institute.

3.Director of China Relay Professional Information Network Association under the Ministry of Electronic Industry.

4.Leader of Reliability Group of Military Electronic Component under the Ministry of Electronic Industry.

5.Vice Director of the Technical Committee of All or Nothing Electrical Relay Standardization of China.

About Us

Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd. is a relay manufacturer and exporter,specialized in developing and manufacturing both hermetically sealed relays for high performance and general purpose relays as well.
Todays QunLi has a total assets of 265 million RMB yuan,a factory area of 285,000 square meters,and more than 2000 employees.Now QunLi offers about 200 types of Baocheng Brand relay with thousands of specifications.QunLi's yearly capability of production is 30 million pieces.
Since founded in ...

New Products

Time Delay Relay
1.Adjustable Power On Delay Time Relay JSB-14 2A27VDC,DPDT,1~300s JSB-15 ...
RF Coaxial Relay
JPT-1M/F 0.5A28VDC,1A/1B JPT-1MA/FA 0.5A28VDC,1A/1B JPT-2M 0.5A28VDC,1A1B ...
Hermetically Sealed Solid State Relay
Hermetically Sealed Solid State Relay: a.Optical Isolation DC Solid State ...
Hermetically Sealed Electromagnetic Relay 3
JQX-008M 10A28VDC,6PDT JQX-030M 20A/5A/2A28VDC,6PDT JQX-030MC 20A28VDC,4PDT ...

New Selling Leads

Sell Subminiature Dc Relay JZC-11F (785)
ENVIRONMENTAL CONDETIONS: Temperature Range:-30~+55 Centigrade Relative ...
Sell BAOCHENG Brand JPT-200M(715) RF Coaxial Hermetically Sealed Electromagnetic
ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Temperature range:-65~+125C Relative Humidity:98% at ...
Sell BAOCHENG BRAND JRC-10MA Subminiature Hermetically sealed Relay
ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Temperature range:-65~+125 C Relative Humidity:98% ...
Sell BAOCHENG BRAND JRC-10M(G)(374) Microminiature Hermetically Sealed Relay
ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Temperature range:-55~+85 C Relative Humidity:98% ...

Company Profile

Company Name: Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd.--BAOCHENG Brand Relay
Country/Territory: China
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2003/03/09 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller